Innovation: Succulent Terrariums

For my innovation project, I decided to make succulent terrariums and sell them to my classmates. At first, I was in a group with my friends who did their project “Fleece for Furry Friends” but I decided that I wanted to split off from the group and do my own thing. It was kind of a last minute idea (like 11:30 pm idea) so i had 29 minutes to decide whether I wanted to do it or not. This idea derived from me wanting to make terrariums and because California is in a drought, I think this is a great alternative to other plants. So after 10 minutes of deciding, in the end, I did it. I created my slide explaining what I was doing and submitted it by 11:59 pm. At first, I thought I was going to regret it. And… I guessed right. I absolutely regretted it. The first few weeks I was totally confused. I didn’t know how my budget was going to work. I was afraid I might lose money rather than gain. I had to research how much succulents costed. But I manage to figure it out by May 30.


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Get Ready To BRAWL!!!

When our teacher called up the teams, my team mate who sat next to be took out her phone and started playing LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!! She’d just be right there all pumped up and trying to get the class all hyped. Then there was me. I thought this was going to be like an actual debate, where we sat down and argued against each other. But this wasn’t anything like a regular debate. No, it was better.

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Reminiscence: 2014-2015

The school year is finally over, that is, after finals. But, like everyone says, the journey continues and next school year will probably be a great year as well. Whatever. We all know that the next school year is going to be a mixture of happiness, sadness, and madness. Hey! We made it through this one and that means we’re going to make it through the next one and the ones in the future.

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Animal Abuse is Never Okay.

The title says it all, animal abuse is not okay. I remember there was this one day where I was walking with my sister and my two dogs, and we had let them off the leash at the park so they could run and get exercise. When this couple and their kids walked by, I told my niece to hold onto one of my dogs. But, my niece ended up letting go of my dog. So, my dog ran straight to the couple. I ran after my dog and when I got close enough, I saw that the man had kicked my dog away. I was extremely mad, and it was a one time thing for my dog. But, I cannot imagine how many animals are abused (hurting them physically, neglecting them, not feeding them). I also believe that we need to start raising awareness and help the dogs that are being abused. Some people might just say, “oh, they’re just dogs.” No. They are not just dogs, they are a living organism just like we are. They have feelings, just like us. This applies to all animals; cats, birds, fish even. So, please read this blog post and the blog post linked. Please, help raise awareness of the amount of animal abuses and let’s help them.

Food Sundays (Fridays): Week 1

Food Fridays (Sunday) (not this one… I was late 2 days, the next one will be on Friday) is where I tell you about all the foods that I get to experience throughout the week. This week I’ve been eating a lot of frozen stuff.

I went to eat at Souplantation last Saturday and you can’t leave without eating ice cream. It’s like going to a KBBQ place and not getting any of their ice cream or candy they give you at the end. Some of the food here is either too strong or to weak in taste. But I would still go there for the baked potato.

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It Only Takes One Episode To Crush Someone’s Heart

241 episodes and only 1 episode was needed to crush every person’s heart.

When I pressed on that little tablet screen to open Netflix and scrolled down to a specific TV show, “Grey’s Anatomy.” I knew this is probably going to my favorite TV show. I watched as many episodes as I could in one day, only to watch more the next. I still remember the first episode (I may have watched it 5x or more) where Meredith and Derek woke up to each other. I still remember when Derek sat outside the trauma room waiting for Meredith to come back to life. (3×15/16) I still remember how I just fell in love with the relationship that Meredith had with Derek.


But, happiness comes with a price…


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The Path Doesn’t Matter… The Destination Does


The journey to adult hood is a long process. First, you are taught how to crawl, to walk, and to run. At this point you have no control of your life, your parents do. They feed you, support you, and take care of you. You grow older and reach the age where you start to develop speech and how to move on your own. You start to gain more control then you had a few years back.

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