Lending Colors: The Process

lending-colors-banner-In the beginning of the second semester, Mr. T vaguely mentioned the innovation project and I was a little interested, but at that time I didn’t have any ideas. So when the last few weeks rolled by, my friends and I partnered up with one goal in mind: art. After about two days of much deliberation and long talks during practice, one of my partners had an idea. How about we set up a small art exhibition using the art from the Special Education students, with all donations going to their choice of charity? Once the teachers gave us their approval, we were pretty much set.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.49.42 PM

So we had the idea, now we had to do was make it work. They made a Twitter and an Instagram, while I designed a banner and flyers to hand out. We had a lot of places in mind for the art exhibition, but it seemed to be a little difficult to get anyone to give us a serious response. We wanted to do it at the library, but there were some issues here and there regarding the location. Luckily, one of the amazing people at City Hall helped us by offering a spot at the Recreation Center. He told us that it would be pretty much empty on Saturday, so we had the whole area to ourselves from 12pm to 3pm. After getting the location, we hurriedly handed out flyers to all of our friends to spread the news. Even better, one of my (favorite) teachers happened to hear about it and he offered extra credit to those who went to support us.


When Saturday came by, the three of us were hyped. We arrived at the FV Recreation Center around 11 in order to set up the paintings. It involved a lot of running around, lots of panicking, but we were able to set everything up successfully. Around 12:30, people started coming, taking pictures, and asking us about the exhibition. Some classmates of ours came by, some friends, and some people who just happened to see and were interested. Overall, we raised over ninety dollars, thanks to the support of everyone who came.


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