Innovation: Succulent Terrariums

For my innovation project, I decided to make succulent terrariums and sell them to my classmates. At first, I was in a group with my friends who did their project “Fleece for Furry Friends” but I decided that I wanted to split off from the group and do my own thing. It was kind of a last minute idea (like 11:30 pm idea) so i had 29 minutes to decide whether I wanted to do it or not. This idea derived from me wanting to make terrariums and because California is in a drought, I think this is a great alternative to other plants. So after 10 minutes of deciding, in the end, I did it. I created my slide explaining what I was doing and submitted it by 11:59 pm. At first, I thought I was going to regret it. And… I guessed right. I absolutely regretted it. The first few weeks I was totally confused. I didn’t know how my budget was going to work. I was afraid I might lose money rather than gain. I had to research how much succulents costed. But I manage to figure it out by May 30.


I got people to order both online and during school. I got two people online and 4 other people at school. As expected, I wasn’t expecting a lot of people to want to buy one but on the first day, there was no one who filled out the google form. I was extremely depressed because of this. I thought to myself that no one’s going to buy it, this was just a bad idea, and I should’ve stayed with my friends. But by the second day, I finally got one person (shout out to Gracy). At school, I asked people around me if they wanted a terrarium and I got 4 people who wanted it. So, in total, I made six terrariums. Each terrarium I sold for $8 which was cheaper than the online terrariums that cost $25+.



As for budgeting, I had no ideas where to get glass bowls and stones. For the succulents, one succulent that was around 2.5 inches wide costs around ~$3 each. Which was my main problem. The succulents costed too much and they were very small compared to the bowls I got and if I had wanted 3 succulents in one bowl, then it would’ve costed around ~$11-15. If I had sold my terrariums at $14, no one would’ve wanted to buy one. The customers would explain how expensive that is. So I was able to make my arrangement and get the supplies cheaper.


On Mondey, June 8th, I came in with the boxes of pre-orders and everyone around me said that the terrariums were cool and they wished they had bought one. I would’ve continued to business but only if the school year wasn’t coming to and end. I did have two extra terrariums due to one of the person unable to buy one and the other one was an extra. One of the costumer wanted 2 but on the day of passing them out, she only wanted one. So I had extras. As I am writing this, 4 people lining up to buy the last two terrariums. But I’m thinking of making it a first come first serve basis.

During this 30 day period, I was able to learn that buying succulents is very expensive and that you should not leave any of the planning to do it at the last minute. Although I didn’t leave making the terrarium themselves last minute, the slide we had to turn in was very last minute and I wish had more time to think about.

In conclusion, I am going to make $58 overall and I might donate the money to a charity. This project was very fun to do, my sister and I even made our own terrariums. If anything, I could maybe make more to sell next school year but the chances are I won’t because people might not want terrariums anymore.

Signing off for the last time of the 2014-2015 school year,



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