And then I Asked…How Do I Get Cats to Love Me?

This past month or so, me and a group of my friends started a project we titled, “Fleece 4 Furry Friends.” And now, at the end of the month we…

  • gained the approval of the NKLA[No-Kill Los Angeles] Pet Adoption Center
  • made about 10 NKLA themed blankets
  • contacted local businesses to see if they could sponsor us and house a donation box in their stores
  • donated $50 worth of blankets
  • raised a total of $62(the extra $12 will be put back into the project and used to make more blankets).
This is us with our blankets at the shelter!!

This is us with our blankets at the shelter!!

We can definitely call it a success on our part and on the shelters. Through this project we were actually given the opportunity to visit and get a tour of the NKLA Pet Adoption Center and let me tell you personally, what that shelter does is great. In the simplest way possible, many domesticated animals are left, abandoned on the street and its the shelter’s job to help them off the streets. The unfortunate thing is that many of the sheltered animals are “put down” if no adopted or if they are just deemed as not having the lovable qualities like a corgi or labrador.

However, the great thing about NKLA is that they make an effort to have all the animals adopted. They even take the next step over most other shelters in that they have a policy where the pet, cat or dog, will have a place in the shelter until it is either adopted, or if it dies of natural causes.

I would definitely recommend coming to NKLA in person if you can, the place in general is just amazing. And if you are looking to adopt but you don’t really have that extra amount of money to pay for the adoption fees, some of the sheltered animals are already paid for! Meaning you can adopt, with the right necessities, for free! Which brings me to another great point about NKLA which is that, maybe you want to support the shelter, but adopting isn’t within the range of your options, you can donate of course, but you can also house a pet. There’s just so much this shelter does for the world, that can’t be put into one blogpost. Please do check out the plentiful options you can choose to help their cause, and also visit and adopt if you can.

If you wanna learn more about our project specifically, you can find us at:




And we even put together a little video of our time at the shelter!:


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