Get Ready To BRAWL!!!

When our teacher called up the teams, my team mate who sat next to be took out her phone and started playing LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!! She’d just be right there all pumped up and trying to get the class all hyped. Then there was me. I thought this was going to be like an actual debate, where we sat down and argued against each other. But this wasn’t anything like a regular debate. No, it was better.

For preparation, we looked at the book All Quiet on the Western Front and created questions. We then looked at the chosen questions and my team mates would come up with an answer. Sometimes, while coming up with those answer they would have a little debate themselves. It was pretty entertaining to watch them argue against each other.

The first brawl was a pretty good debate. The opposing team asked questions, my team mates who went up asked questions, and overall the debate flowed nicely. We got a 9++/10 for this round. We also made a presentation that looks like Jeopardy even though we only used 3 slides for our debate (actually, we didn’t use it). Then onto our second debate, my team mate made a versus card for our team and the opposing team.


I think we got a pretty good laugh out of our teacher. Again, we both agreed on the answer for the question. We got a score of 9/10 for for this round. Which gave us a spot in the final round. “woop woop.”  The final round consisted of 3 groups; King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizards, The Anonymous Narwhals, and us. Again, we all agreed with each other how war is inevitable but I think the thing that really made this brawl memorable was one of my classmate walked up and sat in the chair just waiting to buzz in. I feel like our team did pretty well but not as good as the Anonymous Narwhals. They were pretty good.

Untitled-1I guess overall, this experience with a Brawl and the process of getting to it made me open my eyes. Some of these questions were kind of confusing but luckily we didn’t get those questions. It gave me a new perspective of connecting to books and the world. I guess that’s why Mr. T always says something about “Global Connection”. I think I finally get why.



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