Reminiscence: 2014-2015

The school year is finally over, that is, after finals. But, like everyone says, the journey continues and next school year will probably be a great year as well. Whatever. We all know that the next school year is going to be a mixture of happiness, sadness, and madness. Hey! We made it through this one and that means we’re going to make it through the next one and the ones in the future.

In the beginning of the year, I honestly thought this blog idea was kind of stupid. Not going to lie, I hated it. But as the school year continued, writing the blog post became a hobby and something that I could do every week. I began to like it. There was certain weeks where I was just like, “WHAT DO I WRITE.” but I made it, I figured it out.

The video I made above, kind of made me feel emotional (maybe it was the music). I mean looking at the past will always be emotional. But, I never realized how attached I became to this blog, to this class, and to the things that we learned. By the way, I legit took like 1 hour and a half for that video. I really hoped that they didn’t have to add the watermark. But nothing in life is free. My teacher who thought of this year-long assignment to make blogs probably knew that there would be consequences. He probably knew that some student wasn’t going to hate it. He still took the risk. Sure, there might still be students that don’t like the idea of having a blog. I didn’t at first. I guess the only thing that really made the blogging experience not as good as it was suppose to be was because every week there was a certain thing we had to stick to. But that’s the thing. Those little things we had to stick through was a barrier and we were able to overcome it. So, all this long this blogging experience was a LIFE LESSON.

The lesson. There will always be things that you don’t like but you have to overcome it. That thing is probably just another step to your future. That little thing might even teach you a thing or two. Blogging gave me the opportunity to read other people’s thoughts, it taught me how to incorporate images into my writings, and most importantly it taught me that overtime things that seem bad will get better over time and maybe even become something you love. But then again, I might be totally wrong and pushing it.

The blog posts that I think I was most passionate about was my Grey’s Anatomy post, my The Path Doesn’t Matter…The Destination Does post, and my Life is a Masquerade post. The “My Life is a Masquerade” post was really personal to me and I really wanted to share how I felt during that time period. “The Path Doesn’t Matter…The Destination Does” was inspired to me by my teacher who talked to us about this. I think that every student should be given the talk that the path doesn’t matter but the destination does. The Grey’s Anatomy post was just to let off steam after finding out my favorite show killed off one of my favorite character. They killed off two before him and so now they killed 3 of my favorite characters in the show.

For the students next year, I hope this message gets passed onto you guys somehow. Don’t be afraid to write what you want (follow the requirements though). If you’re stuck and don’t know what to write about, there will always be a blog post that you can write about things you dislike. I hope that Mr. T will give you guys a broader area of things to focus on. I also think that finding a topic that you like (fashion, sports, tv shows, etc.) and making a blog specifically for it would be a lot easier than just having a blog that is filled with random topics.

If I could do something differently from this time would probably be giving these blog post all my best. I also wish I had stuck to the idea of the podcast every week. What Mr. T should do differently? I think he should have students dedicate themselves to a certain blog type. They can have some different blog posts once in a while but they should be able to have an idea to go to if they ever have difficulties figuring out what to write.

So… What now? I might consider creating a new blog that follow the journey through the next school year. Every school day, I take a picture and post it online? Then at the end, I can make a mini montage of my year and upload it. I think that would be nice. Maybe I could get some opinions? So, time for a sort of cheesy end line.

This blog is an ending. Not an ending to a story but rather an ending to a chapter. A new chapter will start soon (after summer) The memories I made in this class was a true life changing experience. There were things that I hated, there were things that I loved, and most importantly there was things that I was able to overcome.

The two most joyous times of the year are Christmas morning and the end of school.

This class wasn’t what I expected to go into. But, it was a new experience. An experience that everyone should be able to experience because that’s what life is all about experiencing. Keep doing what you do Mr. Theriault.

There will be one or two last blog post from me. I appreciate everyone who followed this blog and that I never knew we were going to get 130 followers. It’s not a lot but to me it is. Thank you so much for supporting us. Not goodbye.


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