Reflection Time (Oh No)

I’m a thinker. I like to think about a lot of things, which is why the books I enjoy most are usually about psychology or politics. I’m invested in learning as much as I can, from coding to understanding the stock market just because all of it seems so intricate. Being a thinker is totally awesome, but there’s one problem I’ve always had: communication. I have so many abstract ideas and thoughts that are just flying around in my head but when someone asks me what for an opinion, my brain blanks out. Or even worse, I give an answer that doesn’t make sense, getting confused glances, and it mostly ends up with the both of us being very lost and bewildered. But with blogging, I find it easier to be able to express my thoughts in a way that the audience is able to really understand. My communication skills are getting better, but they’re still weak. I hope that in the future, I’ll be able to talk to others the same way I blog.

Generally, I find posts where I told stories to be more popular. The stories were usually a reflection or a lesson that I learned from the past. I also really liked writing these posts because I was able to relive some old memories and realize how much I’ve grown and changed over the years. My favorite blog post would be this one, where I talked about my (former) angst with art and my overcoming of said angst.

For next time, I would definitely focus more on writing something personal(ish) and less on attempting to sound like a student writing an essay. For almost all of my blog posts, I felt that my writing was awfully bland since I wasn’t really sure of how to write. I’m so familiar with the typical, standard way of writing that I was struggling a little with ideas for the blog posts. For some of my posts, there seemed to be a lack of personality and creativity, something that I find to be important for someone who wants to be an awesome blogger. For next year’s students, I recommend that they try different writing techniques (story telling, comparisons,etc.) because it definitely spices things up.

In my opinion, I think that blogging was a good experience for me and other students. It was a place for us to express our ideas without suffering from the consequences of normal ways of grading, while also learning how to write. If anything, the only thing that I would to see for next time would be to implement more of what we learned in class. I felt that a lot of blog posts were unrelated to what we learned in class and were somewhat a little bit too personal.


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