Animal Abuse is Never Okay.

The title says it all, animal abuse is not okay. I remember there was this one day where I was walking with my sister and my two dogs, and we had let them off the leash at the park so they could run and get exercise. When this couple and their kids walked by, I told my niece to hold onto one of my dogs. But, my niece ended up letting go of my dog. So, my dog ran straight to the couple. I ran after my dog and when I got close enough, I saw that the man had kicked my dog away. I was extremely mad, and it was a one time thing for my dog. But, I cannot imagine how many animals are abused (hurting them physically, neglecting them, not feeding them). I also believe that we need to start raising awareness and help the dogs that are being abused. Some people might just say, “oh, they’re just dogs.” No. They are not just dogs, they are a living organism just like we are. They have feelings, just like us. This applies to all animals; cats, birds, fish even. So, please read this blog post and the blog post linked. Please, help raise awareness of the amount of animal abuses and let’s help them.


Ghibli Fan Creates 47 Animated Dishes into Mouthwatering Reality

This post totally and wholly appeals to the food addict inside of me. I remember being a little kid watching Studio Ghibli and totally drooling over the food, wishing that my meals were like that. Studio Ghibli’s animation is already one of the most pleasing things to look at, from the vibrant colors to the movements of the characters, but the food is what makes it. But seeing someone bring this to real life, it’s just amazing. It’s a fifty-seven minute long video about dreams coming true. The detail and the amount of work put into it is beyond amazing. It’s food, but it’s art, but it’s also delicious, so I’m just over here wishing that I could achieve this level of culinary talent someday. To tell the truth, I wouldn’t mind making cooking if what I made turned out like this. After checking out this artistic chef’s youtube channel, I definitely need to get something to eat.

I'm Not A Xue

When you watch a Studio Ghibli film, there are generally four things that you can expect to see depicted with utmost passion and detail: the thrill of life, the bonds the characters create with one another, the glory of nature, and the mouthwatering tastiness of the expertly prepared food. Especially the food.

In fact, the various foods featured in these classic animated movies, range from the average day-to-day grub to extravagant delicacies. So various, that one fan counted as much as 47 unique dishes that looked good enough to eat and set out to make it ALL BY HIMSELF.

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