The Good, the Bad, the Not so Good, the Not so Bad, the Totally Neutral, the Somewhat Evil, Etc…

For a short period of time, I tried being evil. The reason being that I wanted to understand what it felt like to be the villain, who seems to have much more fun than the hero, aka the nice guy who seems to have everything and everyone he loves taken away from. It was…a difficult process. I feigned ignorance to avoid helping someone with their homework, I ignored my ‘friend’s’ need for assistance, I pretended not to see someone I didn’t like, and so on. It felt pretty good.

Image here.

Then, I realized that I wasn’t really being evil. I hadn’t taken someone’s work and claimed it was mine, I hadn’t taken someone’s loved one, and I hadn’t tried to take over the world. I couldn’t be evil. I tried one more time to do something evil, which involved me trying to kill some bugs in my front yard, but I realized that I kind of didn’t want to.

After several days of self-disappointment—yes, I was upset because I wasn’t evil enough—I wondered as to how people did it. People—maybe even pigs—that can take hurt others, manipulate them to do whatever they want, or whatever evil people do. I was only about 20% evil. And then I watched I few episodes of Criminal Minds, studied the criminals and their methods, then it came to me in a sort of 3AM sleep-deprived frenzy.

Everyone’s a little evil. If you stripped human beings down–took away their faiths, their beliefs–and left them to their own accord, they can pretty much become something like those villains from your fairy tales. It doesn’t matter if you preach peace or swear that you would never hurt another human being, but that’s all just words. I honestly believe that someone could turn evil if they were pushed far enough. Just take a look at Edmond Dantes from The Count of Monte Cristo.

Image here.

But you see—the only reason human beings haven’t killed each other is because of society. In the book The Psychopath Test, a performance artist did an experiment in which she let the audience have reign over her. After six hours, she was injured all over her body by the audience. This experiment showed that humanity was in fact, a lot more into the whole evil thing than initially thought.

As you grow older, you learn what’s socially acceptable and what isn’t. Which is why kids do lots of wrong things and don’t understand why they can’t do those things. Some people, such as psychopaths and serial killers, most likely never learned what was wrong and right or have bad impulse control. So yeah, being evil is human instinct, but we pretend not to be because it’s more convenient.

But y’know, sometimes I feel like being evil isn’t something that society can avoid. Friends, family, and neighbors could all hurt you if they had the chance. So why is it that everyone is so scared of becoming just a tiny bit evil if it’s human nature?


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