Pure Serenity

There’s prose that inspires you to act or that inspires you to think. However, not many can incite such a feeling of happiness let alone SERENITY! This post takes you on an adventure into a world of true bliss through a mere experience and it does not just simply tell you about the experience, it drowns you in the most therapeutic collection of words known to mankind. And as you’re in this never-ending ocean of great feelings, you can see all the great little pictures that she most likely took herself(aka CANDID DOG PHOTOS). And best of all, you need not be worried of running out of such marvelous content because ALL the writing on this blog is beautiful, relatable, and just overall serene~!


A picture I took on that day of my dog and the sunset. A picture I took on that day of my dog and the sunset.

I remember walking to the beach with my dog on Valentine’s Day. Because of course, she was my valentine. I sat down on the sand while the sun set and my little black dog Pepsi was running around, playing in the sand. She likes to dig in the sand and sometimes little specks of sand stick to her nose. She runs in circles, very fast circles. Sometimes I can’t even keep up with her, and she looks like a black blur. She’s deathly afraid of the water, she will not come near it without me forcing her with a leash.

I was just sitting there, looking at the sun. It slowly descended from the sky, and as it did everything got more.. yellow. The sky became tinted with a more orange color, and the rays were still…

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