It Only Takes One Episode To Crush Someone’s Heart

241 episodes and only 1 episode was needed to crush every person’s heart.

When I pressed on that little tablet screen to open Netflix and scrolled down to a specific TV show, “Grey’s Anatomy.” I knew this is probably going to my favorite TV show. I watched as many episodes as I could in one day, only to watch more the next. I still remember the first episode (I may have watched it 5x or more) where Meredith and Derek woke up to each other. I still remember when Derek sat outside the trauma room waiting for Meredith to come back to life. (3×15/16) I still remember how I just fell in love with the relationship that Meredith had with Derek.


But, happiness comes with a price…


and in this case, it’s death.

Season 11 episode 21, another episode that will just crush fan’s heart including mine. McDreamy dies. After 11 seasons, 241 episodes, around 10363 minutes… Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), brilliant neurosurgeon, dies. This episode not only saddens me but also angers me. Patrick Dempsey wanted to leave the show after dedicating years into it and his character ends up dead. To me I think that Shonda Rhimes, the creator of this show, should have let Derek stay in D.C. leaving his family (at least he’s alive) but nope, Shonda had to let him die.

“It’s a beautiful day to save lives.” -Derek Shepherd

When I thought how Meredith is going to go on without him just broke me. Meredith is going to have to raise Zola and Bailey all alone in the house that he built for her. After all Meredith has to go through; her mother’s death, her sister’s death, her best friend leaving, her almost losing her life (on many occasions), and now the love of her life dies. Meredith is probably the strongest female character that I know of. Even with all the pain she goes through, she still manages to bounce back up and continue living strong. The words she said to him as she accepted that she had to let him go was truly the most heart breaking thing she had ever said in this entire series.

“Derek? It’s okay. You go.”

After sobbing my eyes out and obtaining two beautiful red, swollen eyes. I knew I had to face reality. He was gone and Meredith has yet to go through another painful experience. Me, being a stupid-minded person decides to go on the fandom tag. Yup, you probably guessed it right, I start sobbing my eyes out. Why did I think getting into this fandom was a good idea? Let’s see how many people left or died.


This is not okay. This is like Supernatural where every season someone or many people end up dead. Shonda Rhimes, you are make such great shows, but you always crush your fans’ hearts.

So, may the character Derek Christopher Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), Rest In Peace. Throughout these 11 years, you are probably one of the most loved character and actor in the show and that your legend will continue throughout the rest of the show.

I think TGIT should be renamed to TTCT (Time To Cry Thursday)

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