Food Sundays (Fridays): Week 1

Food Fridays (Sunday) (not this one… I was late 2 days, the next one will be on Friday) is where I tell you about all the foods that I get to experience throughout the week. This week I’ve been eating a lot of frozen stuff.

I went to eat at Souplantation last Saturday and you can’t leave without eating ice cream. It’s like going to a KBBQ place and not getting any of their ice cream or candy they give you at the end. Some of the food here is either too strong or to weak in taste. But I would still go there for the baked potato.


Nothing like Yogurtland on a hot Monday. Went with my cousin’s kids and my sister. I got the flavors; salted caramel/pecan, vanilla wafer, and french vanilla. I topped it off with a wafer stick and some granola on the bottom. 


McDonald’s ice cream… probably not the greatest choice of ice cream. But hey, when you’re broke and don’t have any money that can afford the fancy stuff, you just gotta go to cheapest option there is. 


The strawberry mojito made with strawberries (obviously) and club soda. The drink also had other stuff which gave it a little kick to it. The ice cream at this shop (Zero Degrees) is kind of overpriced but you always got to try it once at least. 


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