First Experiences: Pain(ting) + String Art

Instead of New Year resolutions, I had Spring Break resolutions. A super short list—actually only two things—that I had wanted to try over the week. I absolutely love digital art but not knowing anything about hands-on art could be problematic. I also wanted to try something new and maybe learn something from that experience to help me with design.

Pain(ting) was a wild experience from the beginning to the end. I bought a cheap five dollar set of acrylic paint from Michael’s, borrowed a few brushes from my friend, and sketched an outline on the canvas. As I was setting up the paints, I slowly realized that I was actually going to paint. This was going to be a work of art. Maybe.

image (4)

When I started, I wasn’t even sure what to do. Do I blend the paints first? What colors do I want? Where do I even begin? More importantly, how do I open the paints? After the long process of indeciveness, I decide to go with the doing the backgrounds first. It’s a little exciting, opening a new bottle of paint and dipping your paint brush in the paint. I felt like a knock-off version of Picasso. It was great.

image (5)

Eternities later, I overcome my fears of somehow messing the up the painting horribly. I just did it (Nike style). It’s not an easy process, I end up using three paper plates and smearing my hands with different shades of peach in order to get the desired color. Blending is the worst thing ever because if you happen to run out of a particular shade of paint, you will probably never achieve that desired color again. Never.

image (7)

Initially, I wasn’t planning to do any type of 3D art because I didn’t have enough time or the dexterity. Lazy. I was being lazy. My friend Samuel wanted to show me the joy of doing string art, which I didn’t really know much about. Yeah, it looked absolutely amazing but I just didn’t know how to go about doing it. After long facebook messages and a few change of plans, we eventually were able to find a day over spring break to do the string art.

One of the most annoying things about this project definitely has to be the hammering. It took the four of us—Samuel, two friends, and me—about two hours to nail the board, due to my bad coordination skills and food. I admit, we probably ate more than we work. On the bright side, I learned how to use a hammer properly, but I doubt I’ll ever use it again.

image (8)

Fast foward, we are sprawled over the living room floor with a completely hammered board next to us. Beyonce is playing in the background as we semi-diligently work to finish the board before everyone has to go home. When we finally do finish, all of us throw the leftover string onto the side and admire our work of art. A few tears are shed, some laughs, and a bunch of pictures are taken to show off how awesome the final project looks.

image (9)

To sum it all up, I’m really glad that I got to try painting and string art. As I thought, I’m still in love with digital art, but I’m looking forward to do more paintings. I’m not really comfortable with doing any 3D art yet, but maybe someday I’ll try it again. I would 11/10 recommend painting and string art for anyone who needs to try out different types of art. Rad stuff.


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