Patience, My Dear


For most of our short lives on this beautiful earth, we are waiting for something. Waiting in line for movie tickets, AP test scores, that one cute person from second period to reply, etc. You’d think after knowing that waiting is such an important element of life, people would be more patient. That’s not true at all.

When you’re young—let’s say six years old—you’d definitely say that “patience is bitter” even if your parents told you to just wait a little longer because “its fruit is sweet.” Let’s be real, at six years old, your energy levels are probably all over the place. It’s impossible to wait. Tantrums, crying, and lots of shouting soon follow. Or maybe you try to stay still but there’s an itch in your foot that keeps you from doing so.

Years go by and suddenly you’re about twenty-something, all is good except…you still haven’t heard back from that job interview you went to last week. Yikes. Or, even worse—depending on what type of person you are—waiting for your crush to (hopefully) respond to your text. Oh, how nerve-racking either way. The itch from your childhood doesn’t exist anymore, instead it’s replaced with consistent foot tapping or drumming fingers.

Flash forward, you’ve lived a long life and you’ve done everything you want to, gray hair showing and wrinkles present. And it’s almost that time, y’know, and you can just feel it in your bones but it’s not quite there yet. So you just sit on the rocking chair patiently waiting for the time to come while watching the people around you run around.

But by at the end of all the waiting, you’re met with a sort of great relief that relaxes your shoulders and stops all the jittering. For me, it’s a sense of closure. Like, you finally get to know that test score, that one job interview, and it’s just so…soothing. Yeah, it took some time, but here it is, here’s what you’ve been waiting for. It’s a little hard to explain but it’s kind of life making some delicious cookies, waiting for them to bake, and finally taking a bite into that heavenly goodness.

Image here.

The older I become, the more I realize how rewarding patience is. I guess it’s a concept that continues to grow with time.



One thought on “Patience, My Dear

  1. Reblogged this on Yours Truly and commented:
    Patience truly IS the best virtue. As Aristotle once said, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” It defines a person, patience is the ultimate test of life. This virtue is timeless, and is dependent on oneself. It is universal, it is boundless. What limits patience is how one sees it as, as a good virtue or a bad one. One can choose to wait to enjoy life’s rewards, or choose to waste precious rewards. Sure waiting forever isn’t exactly the best way to waste precious time, but in the end, the rewards are better and totally worth it. After all, good things come to those that wait.


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