Instant Noodles: Green Tea Flavored

That one food that fed me countless nights when my mom didn’t cook. Instant noodles. Throughout the years, I would eat a lot of instant noodles; Shin Ramyun Black, Neoguri, Ramen Kimchi, and others. My family would stack instant noodles that would last us for a month, so we would buy around 5 packs. One day, I was in the AR supermarket (a lot of times) with my sister when I found “Green Tea Chlorella Instant Noodles”. That’s right green tea flavored noodles. At first I was disgusted by it because of its green color. Plus the package said “cholerella” which kind of looked like cholera.


Does it not look like cholera?

I mean instant noodles are usually yellow color but would you eat instant noodles green? 5 minutes after finding all the other instant noodles we wanted, I decided I was going to get the green tea flavored instant noodles. It was the craziest decision I had to make when it came to buying instant noodles. I was excited to try it out but it was late at night when I bought the pack and I had just eaten a bowl of phở (delicious). So it wasn’t until another week when I could try this new instant noodle flavor. At first I thought these green noodles were going to taste like green tea. I was wrong. It tasted like seafood (because of the soup base) and there was no hint of green tea anywhere.

Usually instant noodles is eaten with the broth. This time I decided to eat it a different way. Instead of eating it in broth, I decided to eat it fried. It was delicious. I even decided to eat a sunny side egg to go with it. It wasn’t totally fried, just some parts would  be crunchy. It was perfectly fried and the egg made it even better.

Untitled-1I would actually recommend this type of noodles because it’s not your typical instant noodles. It’s different and it actually tastes better than it looks. So I guess it’s a good decision to try something new other than eating the same thing over and over.

– Victoria


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