You Just Leveled Up!!! Skill lvl. +++


You know that feeling when you’re really proud of your own work, and then you see someone else’s and you’re like, “Oh, Okay…I’ll just go sit down then.” And then you cry a little bit on the inside. THAT’S ME, basically everyday of my life.

As previously mentioned in one of my older blogposts, one of the things I love the most in life is drawing. And as said by probably every artists out there, you only get better by doing. As in, you can only improve your skills by training said skills. Simple right? Well, easier said than done. When I attempt to train/practice, I just find myself extremely frustrated as to why things aren’t turning out the way I want them to or because I’m just not as good as some other artistical geniuses. I HATE IT. I mean, I really want to get better, but I hate the feeling of not being good enough. And even WORSE than that, is when you have the absolute greatest idea in the world, but your limited talent is not enough to express what your mind is thinking up.


But don’t forget those moments when you have the GREATEST ideas, but zero motivation to even pick up a pencil, or vice-versa. When you have so much motivation, but no ideas.tumblr_n58gw5Olsd1rw0mueo1_500

However, as an artist(ish) of 4 years(ish), I can proudly say that all this pain and suffering was worth it. Because after looking through all the old cringe-worthy things I produced, I feel like I’ve made something decently-mediocre. AND EVEN BETTER THAN THAT, after looking through a timeline of my improvements, I’m only even more motivated to continue. Just take a look for yourself.

PicMonkey Collage

Ohhh, my wee baby days those fine 4 years ago. I used to not draw faces, barely drew hands, my lines were a mess, and my anatomy made no send whatsoever. Next photo over, lines are getting cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing, and she has a FACE. Third photo from the left, I started experimenting different style, seeing which one I liked the best, and hey, HANDS AND A FACE, woah. That in itself is already a huge improvement but add on anatomy that kind of makes sense and clothing aesthetics that make SENSE. Holy cow. And last, but definitely not least, the fourth and most recent picture. Anatomy is pretty good, it’s fairly aesthetically pleasing, and the clothing has more detail than just some extra lines here and there.

Just to show, from the start to the present, there has been a tremendous amount of improvement. And I have to say, the only real way to get better is to work hard and keep at it. Mentality alone won’t get you anywhere, it’s all about how much you actually do.



One thought on “You Just Leveled Up!!! Skill lvl. +++

  1. This is a nice reminder that I need to keep doodling each day in my hobonichi. When I say I am a terrible doodler, I am not being modest.

    I love your drawings and envy your skill. I’m sure it took a great amount of hard work to get to where you are now.

    I remember someone telling me that every time they read a good book, it makes them want to be an author. I told them I was the opposite–when I read a good book, I feel like, “Okay, I give up. I’m just going to sit over here and let other people author around.”

    Some people make it look so easy, but it takes work and dedication.


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