I had Motivation

When I was a little kid, I had so much motivation to do things. I used to love to play piano, read books, go outside, and play. But now, as I age, all that motivation diminished. Let me show you what I mean about this problem:

Piano, 2nd grade I would be playing music like this. tempo below 80, one flat, lots of spacing between notes, lots of rest. I was happy playing this. I liked playing these kind of songs but as I grew older, I lost all that motivation. Now I play, tempo above 120, 3+ flats, no spacing between the notes, continuous eighth notes, 20 octaves in a row. Classicals. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening classical. But when I play it, I just “agh. gosh I hate this.” I just don’t have the motivation to play it.

Left: Heart and Soul by Hoaggy Carmichael (arranged by Martha Mier) Right: Ronda Alla Turca by Mozart


Seriously, I don’t know how my finger’s speed went from the left image to the right.

Reading books. I loved reading books. In elementary school, I would read books like Magic Tree House, Warriors, Ella Enchanted, and more. I loved these books because I didn’t have to write essays or answer questions on them. Then comes high school, we would read books like To Kill a Mockingbird, Odyssey, and Romeo and Juliet. I would’ve enjoyed these book is the reading didn’t come with questions. Those questions makes me lose the motivation to read books. But since the questions were for a grade, of course I would have to do it. But I look back and think that reading books for school is just a chore no longer a hobby. To Kill a Mockingbird was an okay book but if I was not forced to answer the questions that came with it, I would of loved it.


I feel as if when I age, I lose more motivation. Maybe because I’m too busy with other things or I just lose interest in the activity I use to do. Right now, my life is just a routine; school, homework, eat, sleep. It continues like that on and on. I wanted to take a martial arts class but I just lost that motivation after 2 weeks.



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