TOP 3 of My Expert Time-Wasting Tools

I don’t really do much in life but when I do, it’s worth it. My computer is basically my largest collection of stupid things to do instead of Homework or being active in society. That being said, I also consider what I do a hobby whether it be taking online quizzes, reading about the latest uproar, playing games, or even watching other people play games. What can I say, I’m just a consumer in this capitalist world.


  1. OSU! (Add me if you start playing, currently standing in the 20k-30k range, getting there :D)


Honestly, I have a love and hate relationship with this game. It is one of the only reasons I have to worry about the state and health of my wrists and my eyes, but it is also one of my stress relieving devices. I could play this for hours upon hours but really all the game is is a rhythm game. Circles pop up on the screen in accordance to the song in the background and you click the circles on time to earn points and combos. Pretty simple, right? Oh man, does this game get crazy. Some very important minutia to add, there’s this legendary player that all who play should know of, cookiezi. Ask any avid player and they will know the name, the name of the guy who rose so high in the ranks, unrivalled by any others, but quit because of worsening eyesight. Cookiezi even went so far as to hack one of the songs in order to get his account deleted. But no matter how hard he tries to erase himself, the community will always remember his talents.


The Legend Himself, don’t be intimidated by the performance, he was number 1.

  1. Personality Quizzes:

I love em! I love learning about myself, no matter how artificial the results of the quizzes may be. It’s just fun. There’s one that’s very popular called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

(I’m an intj) It’s just weird how accurate it can get sometimes but it’s extremely cool when you get your results, look it up on the web, and see other famous people who share the same personality type as you.

Plus there’s more than just the old personality type quizzes these days. Now, you can take quizzes on what characters or celebrities you are most similar to, your ideal man or woman, or even what kind of dog would best suit your needs. Basically anything and everything you can think of has a quiz, and it’s great for wasting all the time in the world.

  1. Testing Your Skills:

There are those few games that I just adore playing because it helps me to know where I stand with miscellaneous skills. Not completely useless skills, but unusually helpful skills. One of my family’s favorites is the typing speed test. It’s not even to test how fast we can type anymore, now a days it’s a competition to see who can type the fastest and carry the title of Speedster McTypes-alot. I can usually hit the 65-70 range, pretty good.


There’s also one that I was surprisingly skilled at, the color challenge. You start with three strips of mixed up hues of similar colors, and you rearrange them so that the colors match the gradient correctly. It’s a hard concept to understand through reading but after looking at the actual thing, it’s pretty simple. And uhhh, don’t be intimidated by my perfect score.wao



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