He’s My #ProblematicFave

There is always that moment when you’re reading a really interesting book or watching a show and see a character—more specifically a villain—and think, “Wow, I hate this guy.” But every time they appear, you do a little cheer for them. Not out loud, of course.


I like villains. Okay, I should rephrase that. I like interesting villains. I like the villains that make you grip your seat in curiosity, question your morals, and ultimately leave you awake at 2AM thinking. Yeah, I like the heroes, the good guys, whatever. But it’s more compelling to try see from the antagonist’s point of view.


One of my all-time favorite villains would definitely be Makishima Shougo from the anime, Psycho-Pass, which takes place in a futuristic dystopian society. He’s charismatic, he’s a lover of literature, and above all, he’s an anarchist. In a future society where the people are judged by the Sibyl System—with no human bias whatsoever—he attempts to destroy this new judgement system, along with the government that implemented it. The Public Safety Bureau—cops with cooler weapons—vigorously tries to stop him.


Makishima + Safety Bureau

Through his clever manipulation, mayhem ensues, such as brutal executions, violent murders, and the evil within people is forcibly dragged out as they ‘try to protect themselves’. Murder in the name of preservation, basically. He considers this all as a game to get what he wants: destruction of the government. Despite his evil, chaotic, and—considered by most people—psychotic methods, his motive is surprisingly simple.


Makshima’s hatred towards the Sibyl System lies with it being unable to fully judge everyone fairly. Being born criminally asymptomatic, the Sibyl System disregards his existence as a human being, which leads to his isolation, where he becomes obsessed with bringing down the government. His goal is to create a new society where the people can become free of Sibyl’s judgement process, which he views to be restricting the the potential and life of the people, making them more like ‘sheep’. Through cruel manipulation, exploitation, and occasional murders, he wreaks havoc in the city. Uprisings begin to occur along with gruesome crimes. Even throughout this time of turmoil, he believes that he’s doing the right thing. Similar to the philosophy which states, “the ends justify the means.”

I don’t approve of his disregard for human life. I don’t approve of his inflated ego either. The thing I like about him is his ability to think a different way than the protagonists, who see everything as black and white. Seeing his intentions and motives blends the black and white into a massive blob of gray where nothing is absolute. He’s just so gosh darn mysterious that I can’t help but look forward to what his next plans are.


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