The Things that Change Life

asfafagfwetqetI remember a time when I was just a baby freshman in a high school world. The first things my parents did was make sure I was prepared cause ya’ know, better to prepare than to worry. It was just some basic stuff, new pencils, new pens, new backpacks, lined paper, and all that other stuff. But the way my grandparents prepared me for high school really did a number on my outlook on school. And all they did was….talk to me.

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Instant Noodles: Green Tea Flavored

That one food that fed me countless nights when my mom didn’t cook. Instant noodles. Throughout the years, I would eat a lot of instant noodles; Shin Ramyun Black, Neoguri, Ramen Kimchi, and others. My family would stack instant noodles that would last us for a month, so we would buy around 5 packs. One day, I was in the AR supermarket (a lot of times) with my sister when I found “Green Tea Chlorella Instant Noodles”. That’s right green tea flavored noodles. At first I was disgusted by it because of its green color. Plus the package said “cholerella” which kind of looked like cholera.


Does it not look like cholera?

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Photoshop 101: Minimalism

Minimalism is definitely trending right now, for interior designers, architects, and graphic designers. Everywhere I go, whether it be furniture shops, art museums, or even buzzfeed, minimalism has become the ‘it’ thing. Which is awesome because back when this art movement came to, it was totally underrated. The main objective of minimalism “more is less, less is more.” The meaning behind minimalism is a little complicated, but basically it’s a more conservative way of doing things.

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Stuck Between a Rock and Another Rock

So, it’s a hot summer, I’m outside holding some gross, sweaty tennis racket, my dad is complaining about how much I absolutely suck, and I’m trying to hit. Yeah, thanks Dad. After nagging him back, I hit the ball, and it kind of…doesn’t make it to the other side. There are sighs from both of us as the sun continue to beat down on my exhausted shoulders. No bueno. He says, “Y’know what, let’s go get some ice cream. It’s way too hot for this…”


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Some Things are Best Explained in Other Languages

Back when I was in Elementary and going onto Middle, I was a Vietnamese-American surrounded by a very large population of other Vietnamese-Americans. I was easier back then to switch back and fourth from English to Vietnamese cause almost mt friends would understand it 100% of the time. Speaking was so much easier, talking was more fun, and speaking in a different language acted like verbal encrypted messages. But now, I’ve been thrown into a sea twice as big as this one. More cultures, more diversity, more variations, more encryptions, it was strange, to say the least.

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Recipe: Tiramisu

It was during a summer party, a few years back, at my cousin’s house, when I first tasted this delicious dessert. I didn’t know what it was. It was the first time I had seen this type of dessert. When I went home. I asked my mom what kind of dessert it was and she told me she would call my cousin. A few days later, she told me it was called Tiramisu. I looked it up online and it just looked like a beautiful dessert. I asked my mom if she could get the recipe. She did.

Making tiramisu is fairly easy and requires no baking (oven). I have probably made it with my sister at least 5x already and every time people give compliments on it. Tiramisu is a dessert where lady finger biscuits are soaked in coffee, milk, chocolate, and rum (optional) mixture and layered. The cream is then layered onto the biscuit layer and the process is repeated.


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Draw Me like One of Your French Girls

I’ve been self-reflecting a lot lately. Trying to organize my personality, taking the mbti quizzes, taking more buzzfeed quizzes (which are so cute), and even looking in the book The Wisdom of Your Face by Jean Haner. You’d think that you’d understand yourself a little bit more after all that, but that’s not the case. Not at all. I’m actually more confused by my own self than before. In fact, I’m worried that I might have some horrible, self-destructive vice that could end up bringing me down. Something like Odysseus’ ego, maybe.

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