Appreciating the Arts: The Tragedy of an Eight Year Old (Kind Of)

“Where’s your piano binder?”

“I threw it into the pond.”

When I was younger, a long, long, very long time ago, I did not appreciate art at all. Like an underlying dislike. It was bad enough to the point that I rebelliously threw away my notebooks filled with my music composition, which annoyed my mom to all ends. But hey, I was eight and stubborn.


My mom and uncle were both fluent piano players, often playing different classics (my mom’s favorite has always been “Moonlight Sonata”) when I was trying to read or watch tv. The persistent reminder wasn’t just at home though. At school, once every few weeks, my teacher and some moms of the other students would teach us about different art styles of famous artists. So begins the dramatic eye-rolling and sighs.

Art was way too messy and a pain. I didn’t like practicing the piano every day, trying to play some tune that I was probably going to forget. I didn’t like using watercolors, oil pastels, or crayons to draw some fruits in a bowl.

Most importantly, the thing that bothered me the most at my tender age was the inability to produce something that was worth looking at. I felt that the older I got, the worse I became.

As I grew older, I didn’t think much about art. I was sort of just reading here and there, watching movies here and there, not really doing much, just being there. I think my obsession started when one of my friends sent me a picture of one of my favorite singers, one that he’d drawn by hand for me personally. And I guess, while being so moved over the fact that he drew me something, I became motivated to become the master of an art.


Which begins my adventures with photoshop. I figured that since I liked the stuff I saw on tumblr, I’d try my hand at it. It took studying, some agonizing tears, and a lot of practice (hours actually) to be able to create graphics that I was proud of. Check out the difference of about two years.


Sometime in 2013


Early 2015 (from this post)

Then began my journey into dance, specifically hip hop, with a hint of street style. It was uncomfortable, awkward, and overall insanely nerve-wrecking to (attempt) dance. I was painfully unsure of my movements, but thanks to hours of tiring practice, I was able to become…decent. Nothing like Koharu Sugawara but I’m still proud of myself.

Suddenly, it’s the first year of high school and I’ve completely embraced by obsession with photoshop and dance. Then I met my intro to art teacher. He told stories about his drawings, how they came to be, his successes and failures, all that good stuff. And I saw so much about drawing that I decided to coerce myself into attempting to, despite my dislike. Of course, I wasn’t Pablo Picasso, but I think I’m on the right path.




Quick eye study from last week

As of currently, I am an art nerd. Completely and wholly. Some weekends I photoshop, other weekends I draw, and once in a blue moon I’ll refresh my memory by studying music sheets. Something like that. It took years, motivation, and a little bit of hope to finally reconcile with art, but here I am. Oh, and don’t throw your work into the pond.

Recently, my mom asked me if I was going to begin playing the piano seriously. I’m thinking of somehow ‘losing’ my notebook…



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