To the Fellow Artist


Art, one of the most appreciated things on this earth, is also one of the most difficult. Oh, I love art, I really do. Although sometimes, many times, I become frustrated. Very frustrated. Frustrated with hints of anger and disappointment in myself. But, that is just a phase that can always be fixed. Therefore, I wanted to share some of the key mottos I (try) to live by. I hope that with my advice in mind you’ll be able to become a bigger, badder artist.


Image from nativemoonmag

  1. Take a Break

Sitting in front of your work in progress contemplating your next move is exceptionally anti-productive. Instead, chill for a bit or do little tasks. For example, clean your workspace–sounds boring, but maybe the clutter around you also has cluttered your mind too. Another option would be to look at other artworks. Maybe, maybe, you’ll be able to draw inspiration from that… Otherwise, looking at art has a pretty calming effect by itself. But remember, make the break as long as you need it. Whether it be two hours or two weeks, give yourself some time to reflect.

  1. Practice

People usually say, ‘practice makes perfect’ but someone–a martial arts teacher of mine–told me differently. For art, there is no such thing as ‘perfect’. Why? I don’t–and many artists don’t–believe that art has a perfect form. You can always be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gifted with something but you still won’t be perfect. Through practice, dedication, and a strong belief in yourself, you can improve, improve and improve. Your art will always have flaws, whether others see it or not. It’s a matter of improving those flaws that’ll make you a better artist.

Image from len-yan (deviantart)

  1. Resources

Okay, this is one of the most important steps to becoming a bigger, badder artist. Resources have saved me countless times, in both graphic design and drawing. Need references for poses but have nobody and no body to pose for you? Need references for clothing folds? Need textures for some graphic you’re making? Need fonts? Need inspiration? Need help? That’s what resources are all about. I’ve listed some of my favorite resources, but there will always be more resources out there. All it takes is a google search and a little patience.

Drawing masterpost

Photoshop help

Deviantart (textures, art references, also a hangout for artists)

Pixiv (mostly used by Japanese artists, still has good content)

Interior design 

I hope that if you remember these three things, you will improve. It’ll take time, lots of stress, a little bit of anger, but you’ll get better. I believe in you.



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