Listen to Your Heart (and Not Your Parents)

Go to school, study hard, get into a great college, find a well-paying job, marry, have children, retire, and eventually, die. That’s the mantra that parents have been chanting to their children since almost forever. It’s the ideal life, the one that high schoolers begin dreaming of as they study into the late nights attempting to get into that one great college.

When I was younger, I used to believe in everything my parents and teachers told me. I believed that I had to go to a great college, get a job in the medical field. All I needed to do was to focus and study and succeed and I would be happy. And, I guess at that time I believed I was going to be happy with a life like that. A life where all my important life decisions were made by others before I could even drive a car.

Of course, that’s not a life that you’ll have fun living. Waking up early in the morning for your nine to five job, working a simple desk job, for years and years until you can finally retire. Honestly speaking, that’s a little…disappointing. Kind of like eating a cookie thinking it’s chocolate, but realizing after the first bite that it’s actually raisin.

In other words, if you want to be an artist, submit an application to the school of your dreams. If you want to see the world, work hard,save, and get that plane ticket. If you want to become a pilot, study and dream about someday flying planes in the air. And if someone says that you won’t be able to succeed with that job, have faith in yourself and work hard, then I believe you can find your own version of success.

Follow the dream job you’ve always wanted since you were barely tall enough to reach the table. A successful job only guarantees stability, not happiness. If you just want a little bit more out of life, then choose what makes you happy. When the time comes to choose what you want to do for life, think twice. Think three times. Then go with your gut. After all, we are destined to die.

 P.S. Here’s a video to help visualize how much time you really have. 



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