EXPIRATION DATE: Let’s Not Talk About It


There’s those few unspoken moments when things are absolutely awkward, but not the usual like running into and ex or seeing your teachers outside of class. This type of awkward is the one that everyone has gone through, but no one knows how deal with. The type that has an obvious answer, but no one is accepting enough to take that answer. I’m taking about that awkward moment when, both parties of a friendship have realized that their friendship has reached its end, but neither side wants to admit it.


Friends, there for you until the end, always has your back, personal motivator, and even more. That’s what friendship is to me. However as it stands, all great things come to an end. Now don’t get me wrong there are friendships that last to death and even longer, but a lot of the time, friendships don’t last. It’s not that friends grow to hate each other, it’s just that people undoubtedly change and with that change will come new interests and with new interests will come a new community, or in other words, a new friend or friends.


NOW, the worst part about this situation isn’t losing old friends, because you make new ones, and they too, will make new ones. The worst part about it is the awkwardness of not knowing how to tell each other that you’re seeing other people, platonically. I mean, both sides already know it’s over, at that point it’s just a matter of facing the facts. But at the same time, it’s kinda understandable.


When this situation was actually a reality for me, it was really awkward, for lack of better word. The situation reached a point where we only said hi and bye to each other because it was routine—we just got used to it. It was extremely annoying but I guess I was also at fault. In my true and honest opinion, I think ending the relationship earlier would have benefited us all, think about it, no more awkward greetings, no more forced hugs and smiles, no more silent conversations, no more…no more growing hatred towards each other.


The hatred stemmed from a growing annoyance of each other’s presence. There was no more we could relate with or talk about and that left just about every exchange of words ending with a, “yeah, that’s pretty cool,” or a, “wow, really no way.” But without any actual emotion behind. Even worse than the lack of conversation was the lack of laughter that we had in our conversations. In my opinion, I think that the superglue of all relationships, is if the people in it are comedically compatible and in my situation, we lost that compatibility. When I would say a joke, there would be an forced laughter and a fake smile, when they’d say a joke, I’d answer with the same forced laughter and fake smile.


And as the list of reasons why we should have just ended it grows, comes the last and least known problem. The fact that everyone around us still expected us be friends. It’s like there’s this secret rule that when you do something, like something, are skilled at something, or any other option of the sort, you have to keep doing it, liking it, or being good at it. In this case, our friendship was solid for a long period of time, passed three years at the end, so after we did end up going our separate ways, classmates would always ask me about the situation between me and my friend. My chest would tighten, my throat would dry up, my words would stumble over my lips, never before had I felt such—


I would struggle to kindly tell my classmate that we were still friends… we just didn’t hang out as much. It was psychological warfare at that point. It felt as though I was the victim of painful relapses of our years together. I mean I did miss them, but all great things come to an end.


But now I am educated in the art of ending friendships. There is no doubt in the world that it is awkward and that no one ever wants to accept the painful truth, but sometimes, ya just gotta grow up and face it. No more running away, no more weirds greetings, and absolutely no more awkward hugs. It’s just a part of the things that we struggle and learn from.



2 thoughts on “EXPIRATION DATE: Let’s Not Talk About It

  1. I enjoyed reading this blog post a lot, like a lot a lot. Maybe the art of ending friendships is something I need to work on, I never get it right. I can’t carry on with the awkward hugs. Thanks for the advice!


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