Skip the Wash, Straight to the Conditioner


Humans, brought so delicately, sent so blind.

Not only from the body, but from the heart, from the mind.

There’s not a day where we struggle to wake, to listen, to see.

Yet there’s not a day we don’t struggle to rise, to understand, to observe.

So conditioned, are our lives.

Stuck in an infinite cycle.

1, 2 , 3, Repeat.

Wake, 2, 3, Repeat.  

Wake, Listen, 3, Repeat.

Wake, Listen, See, Repeat.

As we age, our bones brittle, muscles tired, and comprehension slowed.

Our bodies, so frail.

But our hearts, hardened by the strife, hardened by the endeavors.

We no longer need to depend the strength of our bodies,

Our strength nows lies in the power of our hearts, the power of our minds

We learn how to rise.

As we age, our eyelids heavier, tears denser, and our spirits weaker.

We realize that the world is not sound,

that there are things in the world that are silenced but must be heard.

That not everything and everyone can be truly equal.

We learn how to understand.

As we age, our courage uncontested, emotions unwavered, and our minds calmed.

There is nothing in the world that can harm us.

Not because we are reckless, because we are prepared.

We worry not, we think first, and we act in accordance.

We learn how to observe.

1, 2 , 3, Repeat.

Rise, 2, 3, Repeat.

Rise, Understand, 3, Repeat.

Rise, Understand, Observe, Repeat.


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