Some People are Mossier than Others


If there is one thing I’ve learned in my short and slightly boring life, it’s that I really want to do a lot. Not for the reason of being able to do them, but for the reason of being able to say that I did them. Not sure exactly what I mean? Here’s an example—the idea of being a polyglot, or a person who is able to speak and understand a variety of languages, sounds extremely satisfying, but learning a language is hard, and I’m not into the whole ‘hardworking’ scene. And that’s just ONE, imagine the list. Sports, instruments, art, singing, etc, etc. There’s so much that would be super super cool to do, but it would just take so much time and effort that I’m sure I don’t want to invest in.

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Appreciating the Arts: The Tragedy of an Eight Year Old (Kind Of)

“Where’s your piano binder?”

“I threw it into the pond.”

When I was younger, a long, long, very long time ago, I did not appreciate art at all. Like an underlying dislike. It was bad enough to the point that I rebelliously threw away my notebooks filled with my music composition, which annoyed my mom to all ends. But hey, I was eight and stubborn.


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Lunar New Year

As a Vietnamese-American, I celebrate two types new years. The New Year that happens on the 1st of January and Lunar New Year, also known as Tết which was celebrated on the 19th of February. Tết may also be known as Chinese New Years to many because it occurs on the same day with the exception of Vietnam being 1 hour earlier than China. 2015 is the year of the goat.

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To the Fellow Artist


Art, one of the most appreciated things on this earth, is also one of the most difficult. Oh, I love art, I really do. Although sometimes, many times, I become frustrated. Very frustrated. Frustrated with hints of anger and disappointment in myself. But, that is just a phase that can always be fixed. Therefore, I wanted to share some of the key mottos I (try) to live by. I hope that with my advice in mind you’ll be able to become a bigger, badder artist.

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My Life is a Masquerade


When asked “what is a masquerade?” People usually reply with “a masquerade is an event where people wears masks, dance, and have fun.” In reality, a masquerade can be someone’s life. They wear masks to pretend to be someone they are not. This “mask” is invisible to everyone except yourself. My life is a masquerade. The mask is not what I feel but rather it’s— a fake.

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Listen to Your Heart (and Not Your Parents)

Go to school, study hard, get into a great college, find a well-paying job, marry, have children, retire, and eventually, die. That’s the mantra that parents have been chanting to their children since almost forever. It’s the ideal life, the one that high schoolers begin dreaming of as they study into the late nights attempting to get into that one great college.

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