Reflection and Resolutions

16 days late… but better than never doing it. So here’s a list of my New Year’s Revolution and a reflection of 2014.

2014 was a great year as many people would say. But really, let’s be honest it wasn’t that great for me. Ending of the school year was stressful for me because of finals and next year’s classes. Last day of school was all test taking and at the end of the day, finding out my final grade for all my classes was just pain. In the summer, I had to take classes and seeing my test grades brought my confidence down and then school starts again. But other than the bad side of 2014, I had some fond memories of 2014. I ice skated for the first time, meeting new friends during the school year, going to my cousin’s wedding, and just hanging out with my family in general.

Now onto my 2015 New Year’s resolution list. You know how people say “New year, fresh start”? well… this may be really pessimistic but I’m not going to get a fresh start on my grades, all the bad things in 2014 isn’t going to just leave me. So “New Year, continue to try your best” is what people should say.

Resolution List (I’ll keep this list short because I’d probably have a hard time doing just these):

1. Study habits: Last year, I didn’t have a very good study habits. In fact, sometimes I wouldn’t even study for tests. I honestly don’t get how I was able to pass those classes. So, this year my resolution is to start fixing my habits and gradually start a good study habit so I can succeed in this year’s classes. I also shouldn’t “wing things” like Calvin.

2. Talk more: I’m usually the quiet person in the class, unless my close friends are there, but really I’m pretty quiet. So this year, I want to talk more to other people, participate more so my teachers can actually get to know me because if you’re in the class but don’t talk, it’s like your not even in the class.

3.  Experience new things: I joined clubs last year but I was never participating in any of the events they host. I’ve slowly started to participate more this year and I hope I can still continue doing events. I also want to, hopefully by the end of this year beginning of next year, try out internship.

So there it is, 3 things that I hope I can gradually do in 2015, continuing on in my life.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”

-Abraham Lincoln



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