I Wasted Time, and Time Doth Waste Me


 “I wasted time, and time doth waste me.” – Shakespeare 1595

Very first podcast attempt we did an introduction of sorts with a group of buddies.

Thanks to Dennis (doublereededwarrior) from theshadowsoftheday.wordpress.com

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Reflection and Resolutions

16 days late… but better than never doing it. So here’s a list of my New Year’s Revolution and a reflection of 2014.

2014 was a great year as many people would say. But really, let’s be honest it wasn’t that great for me. Ending of the school year was stressful for me because of finals and next year’s classes. Last day of school was all test taking and at the end of the day, finding out my final grade for all my classes was just pain. In the summer, I had to take classes and seeing my test grades brought my confidence down and then school starts again. But other than the bad side of 2014, I had some fond memories of 2014. I ice skated for the first time, meeting new friends during the school year, going to my cousin’s wedding, and just hanging out with my family in general.

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Life is a Pain and I’m only in High School…

Many adults who have graduated from college will agree when I say that school is the easy part, it’s all about what happens after that. I mean I don’t disagree, but I don’t exactly agree with the statement either.

With my small amount of experience I have gathered that school sucks. A lot of people hate it, few love it. Very, very few. But since my range of experience is a bit limited, I will stick to the knowledge that I’ve gathered.

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