Gray Areas


I hear opinions from people everyday. All from friends, from classmates, sometimes in the hallways or when I’m wandering through the shelves of the library searching for books. They are a way of communicating one’s thoughts or feelings on a subject, so it’s expected that everyone has an opinion about everything.

But, opinions have no actual reasoning behind them. They are merely based on a person’s emotions, which are constantly changing and evolving into something else. One day, you may have an opinion about someone, but you might end up learning something about them that changes your mind completely. Or, you may be angry at someone at that moment and may form an opinion in which that person is the worst of the worst, like the last boss in a video game.  The constant change and vagueness of forming opinions resembles the color gray.

Image via color-hex

Gray is neither good nor evil. Gray is indecisive, in between both white and black like a reminder that there is always a possibility for change. Gray represents the fluidity of opinions and emotions, never quite remaining constant. The concept behind what goes on as people form opinions is gray because it is indefinite. People grow older, people learn, people experience; people go through all sorts of changes, throughout their life.

Image via Medical Museion

Therefore, someone’s opinion of you does not matter to you at all. There is no reason for you to accept their ‘opinion’, for the thoughts of some person does not define who are you are a human being. You are your accomplishments, your habits, your ideas, and your feelings. Opinions themselves don’t make sense because they are based on emotions. You are what you create.

Do not ever change for someone because of their opinion. Change yourself because you want to improve, you want to become more accepting, more kind, or more understanding. Never change yourself because of what some classmate in the hallway whispered as you walked by. People are just people and they say things without knowing how it hurts.

Opinions are merely created from the darkest, most complex emotions of people where logic doesn’t quite exist. Nothing less, nothing more.

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