How To Make A GIF – Tutorial

In this week’s blog post, I will be showing you guys how to make an animated GIF in photoshop. Hopefully by the end of this post you should be able to make one. This may seem difficult but its not if you wait, have patience. I usually use two downloaded programs: KMPlayer and Photoshop CS5 (64 Bits). As well as those programs I would sometimes use PSDs I find online which color and make your GIF look prettier.

This GIF tutorial will be made in Photoshop CS5 (64-Bit) and I used KMPlayer to screen capture the frames. You can buy photoshop and KMPlayer is free online. Now onto the tutorial…

1.  Download any video you want and open it in KMPlayer. **The GIF’s quality will be much better if you use a high quality video** I have decided to use Howl’s Moving Castle.


2. Once you’ve found the scene you want, click Ctrl+G (which will open the frame extraction window) My settings are:


The blue shaded area is where you want to save the frames to. Keep in mind that the more frames there is to the animation the bigger the size image. I prefer my GIFS to be below 1 MB. So when you start playing the scene, press start on the extraction window and press stop once you’re done.

3. Now that you have all your frames, you can open photoshop and go to File >> Script >> Load File into Stack.

This will open this window right here. You will have to click browse and find the folder where your frames are and select them. Press OK after you got all the frames you want loaded.

p55. After all your frames are loaded, go up to Window and click on Animation and a little bar will show up on the bottom. You should have something like this now:


**Before the next step, you can sharpen your GIFS to make it look better. You can do this by going to Filter>>Sharpen>Sharpen on each of the frames (you can use the shortcut key Ctrl+F)**

6. After you sharpened all the frames, you go to the animation bar and click on the button (CIRCLED IN THE PICTURE) and then click “make frames from layers” 


**Now your GIF maybe playing backwards, you’ll have to select all the frames and go back to the circled button and click “reverse frames” **

7. You’re almost done! After you’ve done all the steps above, you can now see your GIF in action. Just press the play button. BUT, if you want your GIF to look pretty, you’ll have to do some editing. (You can find some nice tutorials on google, if you search “Photoshop Tutorials” you’ll get some links to tumblr blogs that are focused on photoshop tutorials which I find useful.


8. If you want to edit, you can make a new group (circled in blue) and go to adjustments (boxed in red) to make your GIF look nice. In the adjustments tab, you can play around with the levels, curves and brightness/contrast.


9. After adjusting the levels, curves and brightness/contrast, you now have to fix how your gif size should be. I prefer using size: Width: 500 px (pixels) and the Height: would vary on what kind of GIF I want to make. To change the sizing you can either crop or change the image size in all by Ctrl+Alt+I. These are my sizing for this GIF.


10. After resizing and editing, you have to adjust the timing on the GIF because its way too fast. Go to your animation bar and select all of your frames and click on the time and change to your desire. I usually use 0.13 seconds (again, depending on the GIF it will vary)

11. You’re finally done and you can now save your GIF by going to File>> Save for web and devices.

12. Clicking on that will open this window. As you can see on the lower left side, is the image size. Mine is 969 k which is barely before MB. If you want to upload it, but its size is too large, you can delete unnecessary frames. Just press save and you’re done!


13. You’re done, and now my GIF looks like this. The video quality was not good so therefore, the GIF quality isn’t as good either. So make sure ** to find a high quality video if you want a high quality GIF**



***Hopefully this is helpful to anyone out there wanting to learn how to make an animated GIF. If you want a typography tutorial you can comment***


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