There’s a Reason for Everything and There’s a Reason Why I Am Annoyed.


  • “I didn’t really get enough sleep last night.”
  • “I was kind of tired that day.”
  • “I didn’t stretch properly.”
  • “I was really busy the day before.”
  • “I didn’t have time.”
  • “It just wasn’t working for me.”

If you have ever uttered any of these phrases or anything of the like, you should check your mental brakes because you need to stop.

Being a student in high school, I myself have applied the timeless strategic maneuver known as, “EXCUSES,” in order to fluidly dodge my responsibilities. However, in the cruel world that has been bestowed upon us, we can only dodge so much until we get hit.

We all wish we were Neo.

We all wish we were Neo.

I’m honestly just tired of it. This feeling of annoyance is only enhanced and multiplied by the fact that you have the audacity to keep giving me false reasons instead of just giving me what I want. I know this sounds a bit selfish at first but let me give an example.

“Hey! What did you get on that last test. I didn’t do so well, I got a 78%,” I say.

“Well, you know I didn’t really study last night and I had to help my siblings all evening with their homework,” the problem starts.

“Oh really, that’s unfortunate. Maybe next time it won’t be as stressful yeah~?” I conclude.

FIRST OF ALL, at the end of this exchange of words I still don’t know what you got on the test. If you didn’t want to share your grade, I’d respect that. If you feel as though you did well and want to brag to my face about it, I’d be annoyed but I’d take it. But, if your first priority is to explain why you didn’t do well. You should go home and rethink yourself.

I can understand it if you have actual, legitimate reasons every now and then. But if you got an excuse for everything you did wrong everyday of your life. Just…I have no words for you.


Now all of that put aside, there are some completely legitimate reasons that are brushed off because they seem of no importance. In my opinion, this is far worse then any excuse I have ever heard in my life.

If someone has the courage to tell you about something emotionally scarring that has happened in their lives, and you could care less for it, there is a problem. Adults, teens, and children alike. No one likes to deal with troublesome matters, but when a human being is cannot function normally because of a stressor, it should be of utmost importance to the person and all those around him or her that they get the help and support they need.

On a related note, if someone’s stress relief is doing work, eating, sleeping, or even playing games, no matter what it is, it should be respected. If you have the audacity to insult anyone’s method of stress relief you are a sociopath and you need to unfriend them. Friends are made to be stress relievers, if you have a group of friends that are the source of your stress, you need new friends.

In my own experience, my source of stress comes from school, church, and familial responsibilities. To relieve myself from it, I enjoy spending time alone watching youtube videos or series(like “Whose Line is it Anyway”), I like spending time with my family, and I like playing games. It helps me calm before the storm. Without it I’d be a mess and luckily I have a great support system who understands that. However, some people can be extremely annoying when they insult the only things keeping me sane. They probably don’t mean it but it is still annoying either way. When someone insults my way of relieving stress, I GET MORE STRESSED.

Here’s an example, if I have noticeably cut myself off from conversation(ie. putting in headphones, closing the bedroom door) and you intrude and start to question me about my school life, my grades, or my future plans. My blood pressure will be stronger than the depths of the ocean.

tl;dr: We all have different ways to escape reality, don’t hate on someone else because their way is different from yours.



2 thoughts on “There’s a Reason for Everything and There’s a Reason Why I Am Annoyed.

  1. 🙂 <—-See that happy face? That's my face right now. I agree with this post 100% (At least I think I do… It's hard for me to commit to things…)

    On an unrelated note, dude, you have no clue how long I spend looking for the comment box! I had no idea where the heck it was because I haven't done this before…

    Anyways, I know a lot of people who do this and while it doesn't bother me too much, my friends complain and rant to me all the time about these people. And since they are annoyed and unhappy, it makes me unhappy in return.

    So I'm glad that you have put this out in public for anyone to read and hopefully stop.

    P.S. The blood pressure thingy was so funny. I love things like that!



      I'm glad the post left enough meaning for you to comment even though it didn't particularly relate to you. You're such a nice person with your being unhappy when your friends are unhappy :DD. (maybe if i didn't hate everything after waking up at 6:00 AM everyday I would be a nicer person too LOL ) Thanks for commenting and THANKS FOR JUST READING IT TOO~!!

      Liked by 1 person

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