Thoughts: #artblock


My hand hovers shakily, nails digging into my palm as I stare at the object in front of me. Minutes have passed, I can tell by the ticking of the clock, only increasing the anxiety as I realize that it will continue to tick until I’ve finished. The ticking begins to sound like SHOUTING in my ears as I try and try to come up with something, at least something.

Two hours had passed and I still had my art block.

Art Block: When an artist runs out of ideas and/or losing motivation to create anything new. Frustration, annoyance, and anger included, free of charge.

Art ideas come up all the time when I’m at school, when talking to people, when trying not to sleep during lessons, even during a test! Just not when I’m sitting in front of my sketchbook and laptop.

The first problem I had was not being able to remember the ideas. I’d think of some super amazing in my head and I’d become all excited to work on it during the weekend. By the time Friday rolled by, I’d be left with nothing but a conceptualized figment of the whole idea.

After a year or so of this suffering, I came up with an idea. The next time some idea pops up in my head, I would write it down.

It worked for a few months. Until I lost my motivation.

Coming up with an idea is great, but the work itself is tiring. Most of my art takes me about two hours on average to complete and that’s when I’m actually focused. Adding to the fact that I have an insanely large amount of homework and volunteer work most weeends, I barely have enough time to get the sleep I want.  Plus, by the time I actually got to work on the idea, I lost almost all of the excitement I once had.

The art block is a vicious cycle that repeats over and over again until you overcome it. And every artist has gone through it. That is what art block is.

P.S. If you have lost your motivation, I found that visiting the websites of artists helps bring some of it back. I’m just going to leave a few of my favorites here.

Wave Avenue 

Valerie Chua

Omocat (tw: epilepsy)

Art Block (tumblr)


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