Water Pouring From the Sky

Rain, rain, rain. It finally rained in California. I love rain.

On Monday and Tuesday, it was raining and when it rained, I just felt so relaxed. When it rains, I just love to eat some hot soup. In my case, I got to eat soup made with chicken broth, carrots, potatoes, noodles, and Vietnamese pork balls. I also love to get into comfortable pajamas and wrap myself in a warm, soft blanket. Sometimes I’ll even make some hot chocolate or some hot earl grey milk tea.


When I’m all comfortable, I go onto Netflix and settle down to watch some of my favorite TV shows; Grey’s Anatomy [review] and Supernatural. Sometimes I will also watch anime [recommendations]  and movies. When it’s raining and I’m outside I sometimes think (being the weaboo I am…) about manga scenes where the girl doesn’t have an umbrella and she ends up sharing with the one she likes

But somehow it ends up like this…

Alright enough with Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun ( which is the anime above if you were wondering) I would spend a lot of time wrapped in my soft blanket but when I have to get up to get something or do something, the feeling is just… no. Sometimes I would have a mini conflict: I don’t want to go… But I have to go… I can do it later… You’ll be too warm to want to do it later. The conflict is real. Same goes to waking up on a cold, rainy morning. Gosh I just don’t want to get out of bed.

Its also like this when you have to take a shower in the rainy morning. The water is warm or hot and it just feels so nice but you realize that if you keep this up you’re going to be late. So you finish up and you turn off the water the steam is still there so its still warm but the moment you open the shower door… BAM the cold hits you and you just freeze because its cold and you’re reluctant to get out.

Well enough about my experiences with rainy or cold weather. What about you? How is it when it rains or when its ridiculously cold outside?


Click here (if you want to listen to some amazing rain sounds) and turn down the volume just a little bit cause its better like that in my opinion.



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