Problem of the Select Few

Let me tell you folks of the ‘pleasure’ of wearing(or being forced to wear) a pair of prescription glasses and about the struggle we are faced with under the power of nature’s tears…RAIN.

Me too...

Me too…

Like HONESTLY, there are little to no solutions to this problem. Of course there are things like contacts or the night-time contact prescription thing that supposedly corrects your vision overnight, but WHAT A HASSLE! Especially for someone as lazy as me, any type or form contacts just don’t work out. Glasses > Contacts for sure.

“What about that one neat little invention that wipes your glasses for you?” you may be asking me. Well, you mean these ones.



First things first, THESE ARE NOT PRESCRIPTION. I MAY HAVE LENSES WITHOUT RAIN ON THE OUTSIDE BUT MY TEARS WILL STILL BE FOGGING THE INSIDES. These have no use to me…even this guy looks solemn as he realizes that his hopes of rain-less lenses will never come true.

"When will my honey buns come back from the war....?"

“When will my honey buns come back from the war….?”

How infuriating right? Now I know by now I’ve at least explained the problem, however only pictures and experience could express the true anger that steams out of my bones.


The absolute WORST part is that I have to make a choice. I could lose the hassle of wearing a pair of eyeglasses drenched the tears of nature(or the work of the devil depending on who and how you ask) but lose the ability to see clearly. OR I could keep the glasses and see(if even only slightly). You never really win in a situation like this…

Not sure if crying or rain...but probably crying.

Not sure if crying or rain…but probably crying.

For those of you who have perfect eyesight, wear contacts, or can function without the aid of glasses, I kinda hate you. For those of you sharing these feelings with me, I have come up with a solution which is to rip your eyeballs out because there is no solution. You reform or you suffer. Time to get contacts or laser eye surgery kiddos.

I’m kidding of course, don’t go to that extreme of a measure. But seriously, if anyone out there has a hassle free solution, please tell me, because I am at a loss and I am quite angered. I’m like a citizen of France during the revolution but instead of bread and heads I want rain-less lenses.

Me over here like...

Me over here like…

The devil over here like...

The devil over here like…



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