Bad Vibes

To some people, rain is like a gift. Something about the smell of rain, the puddles, and the rainbows is pleasing. To the other people, rain could be a package of sadness and depression that comes from the dark clouds. And a small portion of people don’t care about the rain as long as they can get to work. For me, the rain reminds me of a song from a long time ago.

“The Dark Fragrance of Coffee” from the Phoenix Wright soundtrack ruined me when at the tender age of eight. There’s this one character, who goes by the name of Diego Armando, who has a horribly depressing backstory, one that left me screaming at my Nintendo DS with anger.

So to begin, we start out with a young successful attorney who is investigating the murder of one his clients. Unbeknown to him, the coffee which he is drinking is laced with poison, leading to him being in a coma for several years. When he finally wakes up (to the smell of coffee), he learns that the woman he loved has  been murdered, so he becomes a prosecutor and attempts to find someone to blame for her death. As he tries to protect her remaining family, he ends up murdering someone. At the end, he realizes that while trying to get redemption, he became the criminal he despised, leading to his arrest and confession.

He learns that the world has not been kind when he was gone. He is almost blind, he has lost his goal for justice, and the woman he loved had been murdered. Rain reminds me of the man who has lost everything.



This song is perfect for those who enjoy something bitter and melancholy for the days where the rain is heavy and the skies are dark.


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