Thoughts: Music

I listen to music. A lot. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes when writing, and always when doing art. The presence of music is everywhere I go, whether it be in the car on the way to school, in the studio, or during the sad parts of a movie. From the time when I was young, I  remember playing the piano with my mom or my cousin’s repetitive chords as she would compose a song. I’ve grown up in an environment where music is so common that the house sounds empty and lifeless without it. So short story short, I love music and how it makes me happy.eng-post-2

In my opinion, music is an art form. People compose music to express something, to convey a message to their audience. It can be the pain of losing a loved one, the happiness from overcoming an obstacle in life, or the excitement of falling in love. All those emotions, somehow are piled together into a four minute song.  And people love music because it makes them feel. In my mind, it’s somewhat like going through an adventure through sound. Close your eyes, ignore the reality in front of you for a little bit, and embrace the different sounds compiled together. Creating music is an art that is so complicated that it is severely underapreciated.


It’s really amazing if you think about it. How emotions can be felt when you listen to certain songs, or how some memories seem to float into your mind as a song from the past plays. Music is beautiful and pure and absolutely crucial to the happiness of human beings.  Have you ever seen people’s moods change from listening to music? Because to me, music hold the feelings of the past, present, and future.

Here are some videos that I thought would help envision the artistic side of music.

Of course, this whole blog post was loosely based on two posts, here and here.



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