Finding Your Community

I remember a time when I was a young girl with little care for the future and no idea what I had in store for me but then I realize that I’m still exactly the same just with a different body. The only difference now is that my interests lie somewhere else, in games, art, and clubs and the best part about it is that you find your community, you find where you belong and it’s great.


Just earlier this week I went to a gaming club meeting and I have to say it was pretty eye opening. Not only did I meet other people who I share common interests with, but I also found myself motivated to improve. I play this game called osu, and up until that point I hadn’t met anyone near or above my level yet. But that day, I did. I mean, Ive known my inadequacy for a while now but seeing someone so much better than me play the game was almost inspiring. I was breathless, she could do everything I aspired to do, in the game at least.


That wasn’t my only experience of community though. Me and one of my best friends bonded over the very popular game of, League of Legends. Honestly, before that we were the highest level of awkward, but now, our conversations are never get boring. Not only that, I feel like by playing this game, I’ve opened myself up to a whole new vernacular. It’s a strange feeling, but an interesting one nonetheless.

On the other hand, I’ve entered a new environment of community service works in clubs. I’m booked full every weekend nowadays just for club activities, which are usually things like beautification of beaches, homes, or the school, or just doing stuff that helps people in need. I gotta say it’s a pretty cool thing. Not only do you get the feeling of accomplishment after a day of hard work, you grow closer to the people around you because you all experience the same pain of labor and hard work together.

Now by no means will I stop here. For the first time in my life, it feels like I have a whole new group of people to connect with. It’s not just me and my best friends, or me and my family. It’s me and who I decide I want to hang out with. As a child growing up, never would I have expected my parents to be right when they told me,

There’s a lot of people in this world, you just have to find the ones that make you a better you.

Finding a community is just…


Credits to my Buddy who has her own mulit-part series on “Finding People Who Get You” :

Part 1:

Part 1.5:

Part 2:


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