Let’s Go Back To The Past:

….. you were friends with these awesome people but as you guys grew up they started drifting away? And now you see them somewhere in the world with other people and you’re like “eh.”  and whenever you bump into them its like AWKWARD. Especially if those people were like your best friend for LIFE but now you guys are like in totally different worlds.

….. you meet someone who you knew like 1 year ago and you say hi to them but they don’t remember you (/;A:)/

….. Disney shows were good like That’s So Raven but now its just “Jessie” or when Nickelodeon shows were good like Avatar the Last Airbender but now its just “The Thundermans” or “Ant Farm”. Especially shows that have “Laugh Tracks” like I’m pretty sure if your show was funny enough then your audience will laugh. I don’t think you need to add unnecessary laugh tracks to make your show seem like a funny show.

….. getting in College was easier than today. Now it’s like SAT, ACT, AP Classes, High GPA, Competition, Community Service, Extracurricular Activities. The SAT is just, “What the heck is this?”

Sample Problem: Apparently the groom was very nervous: one moment he would be ——-, rambling on to his best man about silly, meaningless things, and then abruptly he would turn ——- and could not be prompted to say anything

a. garrulous . . reticent

b. grandiose . .taciturn

c. vociferous . .effusive

d. melodious . .timorous

e. munificent . .utilitarian

Reasons why I wouldn’t get this question right:

1. I am not a dictionary

2. None of these words were on the SAT vocabulary list I was STUDYING from.

3. Are we even going to use these vocabulary in life?

What one day I’m just going to go say, “Oh. That girl over there is very garrulous.” NO. I would say, “Wow, that girl over there is so talkative.”

….. Kids actually played with toys and did not have IPads and IPhones and any other technology. Like I’ve seen a person who gave their baby and IPad to play with. The baby was like 4 years old. FOUR YEARS OLD. I mean its bad enough that kids in middle school and high school are addicted but to have 4 years old use IPads and get addicted is like a BIG NO.

 Remember when LIFE was easy as a toddler where all you did was pee, eat, poo, sleep, play but now its just hard as an adult with all the taxes, bills, jobs. 



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