Thoughts: Music

I listen to music. A lot. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes when writing, and always when doing art. The presence of music is everywhere I go, whether it be in the car on the way to school, in the studio, or during the sad parts of a movie. From the time when I was young, I  remember playing the piano with my mom or my cousin’s repetitive chords as she would compose a song. I’ve grown up in an environment where music is so common that the house sounds empty and lifeless without it. So short story short, I love music and how it makes me happy.eng-post-2

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Anime Recommendations:

I started watching anime since Naruto episode 1 aired which was 7 years ago. So I guess I could say anime is a pretty big thing in my life. Although I don’t watch as much now because of schedule and other stuff. But I can probably recommend you some animes that I really enjoyed watching. As well as tell who my favorite character(s) are in each series.

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Finding Your Community

I remember a time when I was a young girl with little care for the future and no idea what I had in store for me but then I realize that I’m still exactly the same just with a different body. The only difference now is that my interests lie somewhere else, in games, art, and clubs and the best part about it is that you find your community, you find where you belong and it’s great.

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Arguments: Will Money Bring Happiness?

Image from PFT

A few weeks ago, as I was sitting in English, my teacher began to discuss one of the books we were going to read. The book, Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, is about a boy who finds happiness in himself through a long and difficult journey while seeing the evils and the good of the world. During a part of the book, the boy realizes, as he’s wasted years on gambling, drinking, and spending, that he is not happy. Why? Because even though he is rich, even though he lives in a mansion with servants, even though he has a beautiful lover, he has not attained happiness. And so, that’s where this blog post begins.

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Why Avatar: The Last Airbender Deserves Respect (Part 1)


As a child, my parents worked at a video rental store meaning I had endless supply of cartoons, but none of then had impacted my life more than Avatar: The Last Airbender had. In short, the cartoon is about a young boy, Aang, who along with his group of companions and allies, must defeat the Firelord and to restore peace across the nation after 100 years of war. The show successfully intertwines elements of innocence and joy with darker tones like destiny and responsibility. Beautiful is but one word that can describe the show. Its theme, its characters, its storyboard, even down to its filler episodes, it stood superior in every aspect. However the one trait that pushed it passed the boundaries of a children’s cartoons was the respect the writer gave to its audience, the children.

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