Thoughts: The Power of Words

Sometimes, I think to myself what’d the world would be like without words. Then, I realized that this post probably wouldn’t have been written in the first place.

Words are one way of communicating. It’s weird really, how you throw a couple letters together to form a few words, which makes a sentence, a few more sentences make a paragraph, and a few more paragraphs could end up in a blog post (I saw a chance and I took it). But yet, the human mind is able to process and create a reply.

In my mind, words are power. How many revolutions started with pamphlets, books, and speeches? How many powerful historical figures have won over the masses simply by giving a speech that riled up something inside them? Words, if used correctly, can change the world. And I think it’s amazing that in the English language, 26 letters can change lives. That’s pretty radical in my dictionary (haha, get it?).

I’ve actually read some books that I thought were life changing in its ways. There were books that left me wide awake at 2 A.M. with my heart pulsing, there were books that left me empty and vulnerable, and there were books that made me realize that the world was never quite what I expected it to be. An example of one of these books would be The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton. The author cleverly uses his experiences, experiences of others, and psychology to explain what a psychopath actually is besides the somewhat inaccurate portrayal on television. After reading this, I definitely changed my way of thinking. So, yeah, that’s how powerful words are.

Words, each one carefully chosen and pieced together, can create the most beautiful things in this world. If you don’t believe me, think of something you truly and passionately care for. Write it out, everything, all the emotions and thoughts that pass through your brain as you think about it. And see what you’ve written.



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