The Importance of Music

Music is the ground in which we build our lives upon and around. Music is a piece in the puzzle of the universe. Music is the only thing that can match the fluidity of water. Music is the only thing that can match the world’s love and need for food. Music is what makes our stories exciting, our movies thrilling, and our speeches motivating. Music moves the world. Music is life. 


Music has an endless range and variety or styles and uses, enough to fit every individual’s tastes. This isn’t limited to just the normal old Pop, Country, Rock, Punk, or Rap music, I’m talking about the music of our lives. The sound of birds chirping, wind blowing, people bustling, and car starting are all sounds of my daily life. They keep my days active and I take great comfort from the sounds I can associate with my home. We also hear it everyday in the nature that surrounds. The rivers running, the birds chirping, the wind blowing, the leaves rustling, and the animals living. That is the music given to us by Mother Nature.


Others use music as a form of expression. Like poetry, they tell stories with their words, they entertain with their cleverness, and they speak truths that only experience can see. Through their works we see a whole new perspective of life and I personally, find it exciting.

Some may also use music to convey emotions. Think about movies and television shows, remove the background music and the story will become bland. Imagine preparing an entire meal without spices. Doesn’t sound very appealing does it. Adding and listening to music sets a tone whether it be scary music, suspenseful music, exciting music, or loving music, they are all ingredients in the recipe of the emotion.

Music is an art form. It will have its disagreements and its critics. For example, the pop music of today. There are huge controversies every time a new song is released. These critics undermine what the artist has created simply because they don’t appreciate the music type. Honestly, it is expecting too much when I say that all music types should be loved, because that isn’t true. There will be songs that settle your heart, or rile it up. It all depends on the person, but that doesn’t change the fact that just because you don’t appreciate it, doesn’t mean somebody else does.

Music has the ability to suit everyone’s individual needs. It has the ability to tell stories built from experience. It has the ability to control and convey emotions. And it has the ability to represent with the dire consequence being criticism. Many may not realize it yet, but the music of the world and its people really have changed the earth that we live on.

Some Fun Videos to Watch:

MUSIC PAINTING – Glocal Sound – Matteo Negrin

A Different Way to Visualize Rhythm – John Varney


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