Controversy Within The K-Pop World

If you’re a fan of K-Pop then you probably heard the controversy about Idols getting married, dating scandal,driving while while being under the influence, and more. Yes, most of them are pretty bad like drug selling or pot smoking but some of them aren’t even true; they’re just rumors. [see list of Idols who’ve committed a crime]

For K-Pop Idols, image is a BIG DEAL. If you’re caught drinking under the influence, you will get bombarded with the “paparazzi” of Korea and you’ll end up being on the news. After that happens, your fans will start criticizing or the K-Pop world will start thinking, “oh. This person was drinking under the influence, he or she is probably bad and now their image is ruined.” compared to the United States where most celebrities who are caught under the influence while driving is just shoved off because its common.

The one issue that confuses me the most is when dating scandals happen. One idol is dating another. What is so wrong with that? Plus, the k-pop websites like this, will end up posting the article and fans will sometimes start blaming the other person in the scandal. Like this one scandal of Kris dating his director of a movie he’s working on. One of the comments include, “it’s almost xjl’s own fault for these rumours, she does have a history of dating her cast members and maybe she should have toned down the fangirling.” My response to this is, “are you kidding me?” Firstly, they don’t even know their side of the story, if they were in this situation how would they feel if someone else ended up blaming them for the spread of the rumors, and for all the celebrity who had a dating scandal; even if they are dating, what is so wrong with that? Especially in Jessica’s from Girl’s Generation case, people think S.M entertainment dropped her because of some marriage rumors which came to be false She later released a statement about her leaving the group saying, “However, in early September, after only a month since the launching, the members suddenly changed their position and held a meeting, and told me to either quit my business or leave Girls’ Generation without any justifiable reason.” I know her fans her devastated, but she had to choose between one or the other. To stay with the group and not be able to open her own business or leave the group and be able to open her business. What I have to say to S.M Entertainment is that they should have given her a choice and not just give a one-sided note to her saying she had to leave the group but I also believed that what S.M Entertainment did also gave Jessica opportunities with other career paths.

What do you think about the K-Pop Controversy?

-Victoria (Possibly continuing next time)


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