Thoughts: School and the Real World

Somewhere in the U.S. law, it states that from the age of five to seventeen/eighteen we are required to attend school. For elementary children it’s probably, (as in definitely) just a place where you hang out with friends and become familiar with art, such as scribbling and stick figures. Middle school, you begin learning that there is indeed an outside world besides the building you are inside from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM. High school, you’ll take a bunch of class and meet really weird or cool teachers, and then you’ll go to college (or not). But the question is, what have you learned?

Formatting essays, solving right triangles, and learning about the Hundred Years’ War are all a part of school. However, will we will never use that knowledge (unless you’re a teacher) so, what’s the point of learning all of this? I feel that all my hours of studying and doing homework are wasted on the fact that, ten years from now, I won’t remember any of it.

I’m not blaming the teachers of course, it’s their job to teach the students all this material, I just wish they did more. But the education system is so linear, it’s no longer about learning something interesting, but rather how much information you can cram into your head and how well you do on multiple choice tests.

I guess what I want is to learn is what it’s like out in the world. What you should do when applying for a job, how to manage stress, or how to pay off student loans because life skills like that are really important. A lot of people struggle in their first years out of high school because of this when it could be so much better. I can say with certainty that high school chemistry is not going to help you pay taxes.

School teaches us how to add and subtract, but it doesn’t teach us on how to survive in the world.



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