Character Clichés and Tropes

heros-journeyT.V. shows, movies, cartoons, books, and video games all have one thing in common, the fact that a majority of them follow a list of character cliches and tropes as well as cliched plot lines. Let’s be honest here, no one really cares about how many new upcoming singers there are on Disney channel, or how many teen heroes are rising from the depths of Nickelodeon, it’s just getting extremely old and it’s about time we, as the consumers of these arts, strive for more in-depth characters.

Writes PLEASE, if you could do one thing for your audience please make our wish come true and just get rid of all the character tropes and cliches that exist. Don’t believe how ridiculous it all is, let me show you a couple of examples.


Yes, that is Chris Evans. Yes, that is Captain America. But what else can you conclude about his character just the look of him.

  • He’s wearing a sports Letterman, must be a JOCK.
  • The slicked back hair = Not nice.
  • Smug look on his face = a complete meanie.

Do you guys agree? Yes or No.

If you answered ‘Yes,’ golly, do you need some education. Let me restate that it is ONLY a picture of a character from the chest upwards and we have already concluded that he is not a friendly and should be dealt with accordingly.


Please writers, at some rare point it was cool to have a damsel in distress and a prince to save her from the main antagonists. However now, that is not the case. Everyone is done with the:

  • Mary Sues/ Gary Stues: I’m just about done with the entire over-powered kind of characters. Some could defeat anyone who got in there way.
  • The damsel in distress: Let’s just not. Not only has this specific trope cause controversy within the population, it has also contributed as a reason why the earth needs feminism. The girls in movies, T.V. shows, commercials, and even video games have all been seen with overly revealing clothing, a weaker set of skills, and a extreme lack of wood weapons.
  • The Hero: O the hero, the one that goes off to save the world. He will live to be a legend but die a bad memory.

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