“Y.K.W.Y.G.W.B” also known as “you know when you get writer’s block.”

You’re writing something either for a job, school, or just for fun and you’re ready to type, write, or however you do it and then you just end up staring at your screen for hours and hours on end. The clock ticks on and you’re still just sitting there at a blank Word Document, Google Doc, piece of paper, or Notepad. You don’t know what to write about, you don’t know how to start it off, your imaginary friends won’t speak to you and give you ideas, your in a blank state. All your inspiration is stuck in traffic somewhere in your mind. You attempt to go find some inspiration on the internet but you end up getting distracted, sucked into social media: YouTube, Facebook, twitter, tumblr, or the others, looking at cute dogs/cats, or looking at delicious food. After 2 hours of watching YouTube videos, scrolling down Facebook, tweeting your every move #watched #funny #video #YouTube, looking at adorable puppies or cats, you realize you still haven’t written anything at all. You go back to staring at the blank page and you finally come up with an idea!. You spend like half an hour on it and it comes up with this:

You’re looking at it and you’re liking it. But a minute passes by….another minute passes by….you don’t like it. So you end up erasing it completely but end up ripping the paper so now you have to get a new one and end up with this:

Back to square one… the struggle to finding a topic, finding inspiration, writing a good enough essay for school or work. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. You’re blanked out again, you don’t know what to do, all that is going through your mind are the same words, “what am I going to do… what am I going to do” you repeat these words 100 times in your head and then your friend or co-worker says its not due till tomorrow or its not due till Saturday at midnight. Then you rejoice you end up going to your friend or co-worker and hugging them and kissing them on the face in gratitude. You finally get a break from writer’s block. You end up relaxing watching some Netflix, YouTube videos, scrolling down Facebook, liking posts on Instagram, tweeting “omg this episode of Supernatural is the best #supernatural #castiel #dean #sam”, and cooking the dishes you saw while trying to find “inspiration”. Then the next day, you reach writer’s block again. You go through the whole cycle until you finally find a post or a piece of writing you want to write about…. “You Know When You Get Writer’s Block.” You FINISH it, you POST it, you TURN it in, you’re DONE.

10 Types of Writers’ Block and How to Overcome Them

OWL’s Guide

Writer’s Block Instant Cure

Buzzfeed’s Video for Writers with Writers’ Block



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