Deciding A College

By the time you reach or reached high school, your parents will one day just start a conversation about the topic of COLLEGES. You’re sitting in the car or at home eating dinner and then all of a sudden your parent says, “What colleges are you thinking about.” and then a series of questions go through your mind, “What colleges can I make it into?” or “What do I even want to do?” What makes it worse is that not only do you have to worry about  what colleges you want to go to, you still have to worry about your grades, SAT tests, extracurricular activities, and whether or not you can even make it into the colleges of your choice.

To Go Far or To Stay Close

Some parents like universities near you and you can’t blame your parents because living expenses plus tuition is a handful of money and if you were across the country it would be hard to travel back and forth to visit them (unless you don’t want to then never mind) .


I mean seriously 30 minute drive (with traffic) compared to a 5 hour flight (according to Google maps. Plus, look at that price) Of course your parents would want you to go to college near home. Its just there are also factors that can interrupt you’re peaceful dream of going to the dream college you want to go to.

THE FACTORS – Mainly focused on California

  • Grades – If you aren’t getting good grades you’ll probably have a lower chance of getting into the DREAM college (Read This)
  • Extracurricular Activities- Colleges look for extracurricular activities (Read This)
  • SAT Test – Scores should be above 1500 to get into a 4 year college. But in reality, SAT scores should be above then what is looked for. (For ex. UC – 2000 / Cal State – 1700)
  • College Apps – Every type of college have different College Apps. (some examples)
    • Public Schools (UC) – requires essay
    • Public Schools (Cal State) – does not requires essay
    • Private (ex. UOP, USC) – requires essay and letters of recommendations

Another important note, if you were in a situation like me where you have siblings already in college then you may or may not had the siblings comparison. My parents would always say to me, “You have to work hard to get into a good college like your sister.” Or “Your sister got good grades and she was top 50 in high school.” The things that kind of makes me angry is that to them the college that my sister goes to, is the college I should go to. But really, going to the college my parents want me to go to is it really where I want to go to? Going to the designated college was 2/3 my parent’s dream and 1/3 mine. Remember, its your life and you get to choose the college you’re going to not your parents.

“It doesn’t matter where you start, its where you end up” – Theriault

“Success is dependent on effort.” -Sophocles



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