The Importance of Music

Music is the ground in which we build our lives upon and around. Music is a piece in the puzzle of the universe. Music is the only thing that can match the fluidity of water. Music is the only thing that can match the world’s love and need for food. Music is what makes our stories exciting, our movies thrilling, and our speeches motivating. Music moves the world. Music is life. 


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Thoughts: School and the Real World

Somewhere in the U.S. law, it states that from the age of five to seventeen/eighteen we are required to attend school. For elementary children it’s probably, (as in definitely) just a place where you hang out with friends and become familiar with art, such as scribbling and stick figures. Middle school, you begin learning that there is indeed an outside world besides the building you are inside from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM. High school, you’ll take a bunch of class and meet really weird or cool teachers, and then you’ll go to college (or not). But the question is, what have you learned?

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Character Clichés and Tropes

heros-journeyT.V. shows, movies, cartoons, books, and video games all have one thing in common, the fact that a majority of them follow a list of character cliches and tropes as well as cliched plot lines. Let’s be honest here, no one really cares about how many new upcoming singers there are on Disney channel, or how many teen heroes are rising from the depths of Nickelodeon, it’s just getting extremely old and it’s about time we, as the consumers of these arts, strive for more in-depth characters.

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Thoughts: This is Water by David Foster Wallace

Before moving on, I recommend watch this video. Or don’t, your choice, whatever floats your boat, I guess.

A few months ago during the summer, I came across the video adaption of this speech. It was interesting, thought provoking, but a little dull at 2 A.M. in the morning. I closed my laptop, went to bed, and pushed the video to the back of my mind. Now, after watching it again, I realize that watching it at 2 A.M. was not the best decision because this video/speech was thought provoking, insightful, and perceptive. The kind of perceptive that makes my mind somewhat blown away, which leads me to do some in depth analyzing.


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